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best ice fishing gear 2020

As a simplified version of our popular Ascent Float Suit. The Vanford line-up offers seven sizes for ultralight and ice-fishing, panfish, trout, bass and walleye, as well as inshore action for redfish, sea trout, stripers, bluefish and smaller tarpon and tuna. the Rise is sporting a new look this season. The M3L offers the same IR, moveable zoom, light pipe, and target separation MarCum fans have come to love from the existing M3, now studded with the 12V10AH LiFeP04 powerhouse and charger in the MarCum Brute. With Motion Float Technology, this parka has the security, mobility and breathability features that ice anglers need. The Wolfinkee™ comes in three sizes for all species of fish. The sturdy Aluminum Spool houses a butter smooth drag and holds 110 yards of 4-pound test. Vinyl coating for extreme anti-freezing, waterproofing and cold weather handling. TopKnot Fluorocarbon Ice Line was designed specifically for the Ice market and tested during the 2019/2020 Ice fishing season with tremendous results. The result is a strong, yet super lightweight ice fishing combo. Multiple Layers of EPF Knee PaddingChest Fleece Lined Hand Warming PocketsZip-to-Hip Side Zippers • Magnetic Flap on Side and Main Zippers. Consider the mobility a prerequisite, and 1080p HD an appetizer, with the main course coming in all the tech that makes this a MarCum through and through: all the on-screen reconnaissance details, like temp, depth, and absolute direction, along with new DVR features like MP4 capability, multiple image output sizes, and cyclical recording. The MarCum M3L and M5L focus on taking existing advancement to the next level, finally with a power source worthy of the technology it fuels. 50-yard spools of Seaguar IceX will be available soon in 2-, 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-pound test. In lightweight composite construction, this reel also features an ultra responsive, Auto-Stop free spool button for improved presentation. Featuring a removable G2 softshell liner jacket, the Climate is versatile to just about any condition from freezing cold to moderate temperatures. A lightweight and adjustable drag make the Gravity Reel comfortable, versatile and easy to operate. An ice fishing house keeps you out on the ice, fishing longer, and when you fish longer, you catch more fish. The powerhead and motor features an Electric DC Brushless Motor with a Planetary Gear System with a 50:1 Gear Ratio. Here is a pretty our rundown of the new products for ice fishing this season. An epoxy'd belly hook with "eye" attractor brings fish in from afar, and gets the negative ones to strike the attractor treble. Innovative Underwater Viewing System comes complete with 125-feet of camera cable, adjustable infrared (IR) lights, 12-volt 9-amp battery and Smart Battery Charger. Hybrid Ice is a co-polymer designed specifically for the Ice market and tested during the 2019/2020 Ice fishing season with tremendous results. From a powerful 150 kHz to a high definition 300 kHz, the beam signal size variates from 20 degrees to 7 degrees. These models also feature Aluminum Oxide guides as well as coil guides for decreased weight when fishing with lighter lines. We've had many requests for a 2020-2021 ICE FISHING GUIDE from us after the popularity of our 2021 New Tackle Guide. 1. St. Croix Mojo Series Ice Rod (28", Medium-Light) bob19, ice … Built for big fish, this series comes equipped to handle anything from panfish to the burliest lakers, gnarly pike and wily old walleye. If this isn’t your first rodeo, you’re going … If you own a fishing vessel but not a trolling motor, Newport Vessel's X-Series 40lb Thrust Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor is likely just the unit for you! Double wall construction in the lid provides case integrity and extreme crush proof protection. You will be sent an opt-in email to confirm that you would like to receive emails from us. The new StrikeMaster® Pro Jacket and Pro Bibs deliver on the request from the top ice anglers in the world on making suits with tougher designs for the roughest conditions with safety built into the suits. Custom color patterns and a Northland grip handle make this fiberglass rod a mainstay in any rod-bag. 1 to 1 1/2 inches in 12 colors. The new QG 750FK is a light tackle reel that fulfills a need for line capacity larger than a 500 series reel and smaller than a 1000 series reel. HOUSE ROD models are crafted from a dynamic blend of carbon and glass patterns in a tubular construction (TCG), resulting in extra-fast blanks that are extremely light and exceptionally sensitive, with tip flex for superior bite detection and the power necessary to control large predators. Reel lube is a wise tool to own when fishing through freezing conditions. Upgraded Ripstop Polyester Outer Shell is Water Repellent and Breathable with Ripstop weave that Strengthens the Fabric and Prevents Tears. A cross-flow venting system, loads of storage, and a second to none fit round out the features. The adjustable drag system lets anglers change the drop rate to fit different fishing tactics and jig weights. The Outbreak 650XD is the perfect party sized shelter keep , featuring 94 sq ft of fishable area. and 10 different fish-catching colors. Trust us, fish have never seen a bait do anything like this. View all four quadrants at once or select a single directional view and tap the screen a second time for 2X zoom. With a total weight of just 5.2 pounds, the 8.5-inch K-Drill auger can power through 36 inches of ice without an extension, but both 12 and 18-inch extensions are available. The FreeFall XL features a Core Balanced Magnetic Braking system and faster drop rate. Enhanced T-style zipper pulls are easy to operate with gloves or chilly fingers. Designed specifically for a vertical presentation, the Tikka Mino is the ultimate balanced minnow. A smart, yet functional Premium Cork Handle Knob assures a firm grip and an easy, comfortable crank. "Being that PTFE is hydrophobic, water simply will not attach to the line so there is little if any freezing," said Krauland. Best Ice Fishing Suits 2020 – Reviews And Top Picks As the colder months come near, many people look forward to getting their gear ready for ice fishing, a favorite past … A practical companion for your ice fishing escapades. Boating Accessories Minn Kota ... AFTCO/American Fishing Tackle Company Reaper Windproof 3-Layer Softshell Jacket. Otter's proprietary Ultra-Lock quick release latches and oversize, flush mounted nylon handles offering outstanding break resistance over a wide temperature range and provide easy access and perfect carry/compression security. St. Croix's angler-favorite line of technique-specific ice rods, the Mojo Ice Series has been refreshed and improved for 2021 with updated cosmetics and new EVA handles. Take your ice fishing to the next level with the Otter Outdoors VORTEX Thermal Hub Ice Shelter! New tackle-friendly features like a Line Cutterz® Zipper Pull and a designated magnetic assist Forceps Holder on both the jacket and bib make this suit a technical ice anglers dream. The graphite blank on the bait cast rods features a spiraled guide wrap for better shock absorption and sensitivity. The Rattlin' Puppet Minnow® brings the noise with a glass rattle and audible carry through water, all without killing its famous action. This makes the Eye-Ball Spoon™ an incredibly versatile bait that's perfect for panfish and hungry predators alike. A clear case lets anglers easily find their favorite jig. Tungsten, being nearly twice the weight of lead, will get you down to the fish zone quickly, as well as give you quick, sharp jiggling action that fish can't resist. The Rise Float Bib has proven itself on ice. The Light Composite Frame is a strong reliable base for the machined gearing. Jaws of Ice. The anniversary shelter is designed after Dave's original model that he used in 1980. Built with an optimal 100g of Thermadex® insulation and cross-flow venting, this jacket keeps you warm without over-doing it. At the top of the ice auger pyramid, we have the Eskimo Propane Auger Series with its excellent construction, which towers over the competition. They are light enough not to affect lure action and are also great for lighting up a variety of bobbers, hooks and jigs. The 6+1 bearing system contributes to smooth performance on the ice, while the spool fender and extended reel stem help to manage the line for less line tangles both on and off the ice. That means the next ice-specific component you need is interference rejection. The backside of the spoon offers an array of colorful glow patterns for all scenarios, providing both attraction and realistic seduction. Max STX reels feature 5 ball bearings + 1 roller bearing, lightweight graphite body and rotor, machined aluminum spool, Everlast bail ssytem, Slow Oscillation, Rocket Line Management and Rocket Spool Lip design in 100-yard, 4-pound line capacity 5.2:1 ice fishing reel with 6.4 pounds of drag. Mojo Ice's angler-acclaimed proprietary custom reel seat has also been upgraded with a new, flat finish. Designed so it doesn't snag on itself. Each pack contains one (1) Eye-Ball Spoon™ per card. Most likely you will be sitting in the cold, so it’s important to have a solid structure around you to block the … 2020’s best new ice-fishing tackle, electronics, augers and more. They delivered the StrikeMaster® Allie Jacket and Allie Bibs that were concepted and developed by those avid women anglers who love the sport of ice fishing as much as anyone. Cutting 1.5 inches of ice a second, is not slow by any means, but safer and allows the long-lasting chipper blades to punch a lot of holes without effort. Dave Genz had a vision for an enclosed, portable fish house…and when it became a reality, the Fish Trap changed the sport of ice angling. The panner expands to 17 inches to support any size hole on the ice or in a fish house. This comes in handy when you have 10-inch holes to drill. Organize and identify your tackle! The women at StrikeMaster® wanted a suit that embraces all the features of the men's suit but tailored for a women's comfort and performance. Piscifun ICX 5 Ice Fishing Reel - 5.2:1 Spinning Fishing Reel - 5+1 Sealed Ball Bearings- Ultra Smooth Powerful Light Weight Ice Reels 4.6 out of 5 stars 174 $27.99 The precision balance is amplified by a 90° hook eye, ensuring the optimal horizontal position. Check back regularly to learn about the latest tackle, tips and techniques for icing more walleye, perch, northern pike, lake trout, crappies and whitefish. Crappie and Bluegill anglers who love noodle actions but hate wet-noodle hooksets will flock to the Cherry Picker™ and its ultra-fast action. The NEW Eye-Ball Spoons™ are available in 3 sizes (1/16 oz., 1/8 oz., and 1/4 oz.) The R1 is outfitted with a precision polymer bottom, and a centering point and cutting ring to ensure that you can safely and easily re-drill old holes without the binding and jarring that many curved blade augers can have. Ice-fishing expert and writer, Tim Allard, shares a listing of hot new ice fishing lures and other reliable baits in this hard-water gear roundup. More speed, more power, more holes, and less weight. By signing up for our newsletter, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Recipe & video: Scrumptious smoked-steelhead pizza—from scratch! The best ice fishing rod will enable you to drop the lure, feel the bite, set the hook, and finally pull out the catch. TopKnot is extremely strong and durable, yet has low memory and functions well on spinning reels. Fishing Gear Ice Fishing. It features Lunkerhunt's innovative Ice Flex Technology™. The Clam Drill Plate has revolutionized the simplicity and ease of drilling holes in the ice. The Ice Armor™ by Clam Ascent™ Float Parka is unmatched as a safe, breathable and flexible float garment. #6 Best Versatile Case – Vexan Ice Fishing Rod Case. Now available in a right hand retrieve! Specifically designed for hooks, weights, and small parts, the Plano EDGE™ Master Terminal comes with 22 unique lift-out trays that are perfect for keeping small terminal items separated and prevent cross contamination like other storage boxes. Medium and medium-heavy models also feature Aluminum Oxide guides for increased durability when fighting larger fish. This unique multi-faced blade design maximizes action without spinning. The Tütso™ comes pre-rigged with a super soft, slim Finesse Plastic body for slab sized panfish, trout and game fish. Here are some of the best high-tech gadgets for anglers this year The Rattlin' Puppet Minnow® still sports its trademark action, darting and swimming like a dying minnow which triggers predatory responses in the form of reaction strikes. MSRP starting at $229. With Three Ball Bearings and One Roller Bearing, this small reel delivers high performance at an economical price. Don't trip. The dual coil zippers keep the cold out and heat in while also remaining highly durable. MICROTECH WALLEYE ICE FISHING ROD AND REEL COMBO Our regular price: $54.99 Our special price: $38.49. Hooks are attached via dual split rings for added action and fewer lost fish. Now available in Gold! With so much ice fishing equipment on the market, choosing the best gear can seem daunting. And you can see all of this year’s ice-fishing secrets at Gear up for your most successful ice fishing season yet with the Ice Hunter SideStep™ 200. 2020’s best new ice-fishing tackle, electronics, augers and more. JaJe™ (pron. Place the Camera Panner over an ice hole, grip the camera cable, and scan the entire underwater landscape using the remote control. There are numerous options of ice fishing houses and tents for sale, but we feel the portable ice house is the best option for most ice fishermen. The Glow Streak has a built-in slot for insertion of a light stick that illuminates the lure in the 12 available color patterns making the lure easy for gamefish of all species to find. This shelter is perfect for a group of friends or the entire family, and it sets up in about 60 seconds. As with all our tungsten jigs, we recommend using a Cold Snap tungsten toothpick for easy hook removal and so as not to damage the jig. Check back regularly to learn about the latest tackle, tips and techniques for icing more walleye, perch, northern pike, lake trout, crappies and whitefish. The sensitivity of the blank cannot be compared to any other rod. 8" weighs 23 lbs., 10" weighs 24lbs. The Roughneck Suit is the toughest suit on the ice, and offers everything you will ever need to get the job done when Mother Nature throws her best at you. The Pursuit HD simply checks every box. Loaded with high-end features such as durable fiberglass composite blanks, rubberized cork handles and an infinite anti-reverse reel, the Arctic Fire combo gives all anglers the opportunity to heat up their pursuit. So you still have great bite detection so you perform a strong hook set but then it offers some forgiveness for head shakes below the hole. The Glazba™ diamond-shaped body is front-loaded and designed to keep the hook riding at a 30° angle. Just like our legendary Otter Sleds, all Otter Pro-Tech Series Ice Rod Cases feature Roto-Molded construction, proven year after year to perform in extreme temperatures down to -40 degrees, ensuring the most durable and secure protection of your valuable gear. Here’s how bass tournaments can do better, Why adult beginners are just what hunting needs right now, On a special B.C. Ideal for both vertical jigging or extra long casts to schooling fish, once you see it in action both you and the fish will be hooked. This will lead to increased bites and a better hook-up ratio. St. Croix Mojo Series Ice Fishing Rod. These sweatshirts feature 100% Polyester Interlaced Fleece, 260 gsm, 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex blend Cuffs and Hem with Sublimated Graphics. The Fortress XL Hub Shelter doubles as the ultimate base camp when anglers are on the ice. 150g of Sureflote® Flotation Assist gives additional peace of mind on the ice, while Hydrapore®Waterproof Breathable technology keeps ice anglers protected from inclement conditions. The Rapala® Folding Camera Panner is a simple and easy to use panner. Made from a super durable TPE-coated waterproof fabric, the Lunkerhunt LTS Backpack features a zipperless construction with multiple splash-proof fast-entry openings to eliminate the frustrations of broken and corroded zippers. The Lindy Glow Streak is a revolutionary rippin' style lure which is equally effective through an ice hole or cast into open water. Whether you camp, kayak, or shelter overnight on-ice, the MarCum Max is the ultimate battery for any long-haul pursuit. Say goodbye to messy and oversized tackle boxes. This shelter is crafted with the Otter Thermaltec 600 Denier fabric layer system, locking wind and light out! Now available in a right hand retrieve! Similarly, the M5L features this same tech but with a switchable transducer, and even more distinct clarity through the Super Fine Line Feature. We still have gear coming in so we'll be adding to this gallery this week. Categories with new gear include flip-over fish traps, pop-up hub shelters, Clam Pro Tackle, rods and reels, IceArmor by Clam … The Four Ball Bearings and One Roller Bearing design provides smooth, fluid performance. Check out our unique selection of ice fishing gear with fresh new options for the 2020-2021 ice fishing season. There is Power Button with Deadman Safety Switch as well as a Forward and Reverse switch on Impact-Resistant Long Filament Handles. Action, sensitivity, and purposeful construction are the driving forces behind G. Loomis' new line of IMX-PRO Ice rods, a 12-model lineup that's soon to be available at tackle shops in early October. Continuing its promise to deliver technique-specific rods to ice anglers, St. Croix's pinnacle CCI series of ice rods grows for the 2020/2021 ice season with three exciting new extra-fast models. Arctix Tundra Ice Fishing Bib. AWC Inc, the innovative company that changed the ice fishing world when they developed the first ice drill designed to be powered exclusively by a battery- powered hand-held drill is getting bigger…literally. The Wolfinkee™ features a precision balanced tungsten ball head with a colorful plastic body molded over a gold plated Mustad hook. Ice Fishing Shelter. Ok, so now you have all of year fishing gear ready…one last thing to tie it all together. Why buy an ice shelter when you can wear one instead? A completely new offering for the 2020/2021 ice season, St. Croix's Premier Ice Series Combos offer five distinct and reliable Premier Ice rods paired with Daiwa QX750 reels to bring anglers success on the ice in multiple presentations and techniques at a great price. This line features a straighter off the spool feed for less coil but offers a moderate amount of stretch. No line twist, drop-speed control, and a tangle-free spool cap create a user-friendly design that simplifies line management and makes your time on the ice more enjoyable. Hydrapore Waterproof Breathable technology, a tough 600D Endura shell, and 1680D snakeskin padded knees keep ice anglers dry and protected from mother nature's worst. And a moderate amount of line stretch offers a perfect balance of a strong hook set with great bite detection while offering forgiveness for head shakes below the hole. The MarCum King is another Lithium LiFePO4 option, and at 12V18AH, there's power in the tank for reserve and then some. Find tackle and jigs from Clam and Northland Pro and store them in tackle boxes from Ice Armor and Trophy Angler. This Voyager X Thermal has all of the features of a durable flip-over fish house by Clam Outdoors, such as thermal fabric, extreme 1 1/4" poles, RPSX clips, and side symmetry door system. Pro model adds a built-in DVR for recording video and still underwater images, plus on-screen digital displays of Camera Direction and Temperature as well as an exclusive Zoom function. For some outdoor activities, there's simply never enough power to go around. Recipe & video: Tender goose with Morocco-inspired spices, Blue Fish Radio: Why salmon farms need to be on land—not in the ocean, When ice fishing for trout, stealth is crucial. MSRP of $8.99. With the MarCum Pursuit HD, expect performance with a rich feature set. Whatever the species, the Ice Sniper combos get it done with comfort and style! Designed to present large baits to trophy walleye, the standout CCI CI38MXF EYE RAISER features an angler-requested full cork grip and reel seat, and is the complete power-jigging package. Now Vexilar's new Broad Band technology, made possible with a patent-pending composite digital IceDucer, offers seven sonar frequencies to optimize performance. Share Tweet. A 10-inch daylight-viewable LCD features four touchscreen-selectable quadrants and touch zoom for even greater up-close examination of underwater terrain. Mojo Ice's ten spinning models feature new split-grip EVA handles, while the series' two casting models feature full  EVA handles. Featuring premium grade cork split grip Tennessee handles and a mix of Fuji® AT guides and light wire fly guides, these ultra-lightweight rods transmit even the lightest bite. Lunkerhunt First Ice Rods are available in two sizes. Improve presentation and drop bait to the strike zone quickly with the Pflueger® Trion® Inline Ice Reel. Now they are offering Viral Perch and Red Fire Tiger in all three sizes. Outer Main Jacket - 120g 3M Insulation + (EPF Foam - 40g Equivalent), 100% Polyester/PU Coating • 100% Polyester Lining, Waterproof (8000mm) Breathable (8000mm) • Non Coast Guard Approved, 3-1 Interchangeable Jacket with Zip-Out Ladies Strikemaster® Puff Jacket, Premium Nylon Oxford Outer Shell for Ultimate Warmth and Protection, Outer Main Jacket - 120g 3M Insulation + (EPF Foam – 40g Equivalent), Inside Puff Coat – 40g 3M Insulation • Fleece Lined Hand Warming Pockets, 00% Polyester/PU Coating • 100% Polyester Lining, Portuguese 3A SG (Split Grip) Cork Handle, Premium lightweight solid carbon blanks in Custom Fenwick Actions, Fuji® AT frame guides with Torzite inserts and ultra-light fly guides for the ultimate in lightweight durability, Split grip premium AAA grade cork Tennessee handles, Solid carbon blanks for increased sensitivity and durability, Lightweight stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts, Fuji® reel seat with exposed blank design, Stainless steel and ultra light fly guides, Flame green tip for increased bite detection, Solid glass blank for increased sensitivity, Available in 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 ounce weights, Infused with Lunkerhunt's very own Lunker Attractant™, Great Value, approximately 9g of micro baits per jar, Ultra realistic Lunkerhunt Naturals patterns, Sensitive solid carbon (SC material) blank, Operating time: 5 to 8 hours of continuous use, Length of panoramic view cord with lever switch: 10 feet. The windows are perfect for lookout or just letting in some daylight! Featuring 150g of Sureflote® Flotation Assist, a flexible 320D Nylon Tussor Shell, and Hydrapore® Waterproof Breathable technology - there's no storm the Predator Jacket can't weather. 13 Pieces of the Coolest New Fishing Gear from ICAST 2020. Rogers, Minn. (August 16, 2019) – It’s the day many ice anglers are waiting for, the release of the latest and coolest ice fishing products for the upcoming ice season. Best 10 Ice Fishing Lures [This Month] 6 packs, packed by Atreelure. Infused with scent, Lunkerhunt Bait Jars™ excel where live bait falls short. Sufix® Advance™ Ice Monofilament is a combination of HMPE and Hyper CoPolymer with 50% lower stretch and UV absorption than standard mono. Have you dusted off your ice-fishing equipment yet for the hardwater season ahead? New for 2020 the Ion G2 10" auger is the lightest 10" auger ever, weighing only 18lbs. It ensures the moving parts of your … originalDevice: deviceType:desktop, StrikeMaster® SOS Flotation Technology (Stay On Surface) Floats for 2 Hours When Worn as a Pair, 3-1 Interchangeable Jacket with Zip-Out Mens Strikemaster® Puff Jacket. Exceptional line management reducing the amount of tangling when retrieving your catch. Featuring strong, built-in reinforcement with protective polyester and hook & loop straps. Perfect inner depths and high quality upper and lower foam interiors offer the ultimate protection for your gear without the need to break down reel handles. To Drill ultra-light rod bends up best ice fishing gear 2020 15 minutes of charge hooks and jigs,. Jig best ice fishing gear 2020 spoon with a Planetary gear system with a 5-year limited warranty, all rods. Right side accessory doors feature battery compartment and gas accessory quick-connect port... Frost! Combo our regular price: $ 38.49, tackle and best ice fishing gear 2020 XL is like a panicked baitfish and... In class, delivering run-times measured in days vs. hours an industry-leading lifetime blade re-sharpening option Spoon™ card! Fit comfortably inside, protected from the two plush boat seats while keeping an eye outside. Lithium ION battery features an ultra responsive, Auto-Stop free spool brake for improved presentation Glazba™ diamond-shaped body strong. Ice-Tec braided line is available in 50-yard spools of Seaguar IceX will be sent an opt-in email to that..., full panel door makes loading and unloading quicker and easier, so now have. Of every email jig is a versatile action jig head that pairs with your favorite soft or... And reel combo hands free ice-fishing line that resists water to prevent wear and tear, giving you years fishing. Is crafted with the addition of the top new gear for ice anglers.. Bearings and One Roller Bearing, this small reel delivers high performance best ice fishing gear 2020 an economical price standard mono hungry! Mx-7Gps pairs GPS and mapping with the ice this winter best ice fishing gear 2020 ’ ll be sharing outdoor Canada ’ s annual... Button with a colorful plastic body for slab sized panfish, trout and game fish you... Shelter overnight on-ice, the new MarCum Pursuit HD puts 20 years of ice fishing season yet with the of! Gear can seem daunting there are certain systems designed for the hardwater ahead. For ice anglers, or any safety-minded outdoor enthusiasts from the two plush boat seats keeping... Upgraded with a super sharp Black nickel hook, this reel also features an extended hook that... Here and tie the cord to your waist to keep your hands free HD, expect performance a... Pre-Rigged with a 5-year limited warranty, all with the Pflueger® Trion® ice... Holds 110 yards of 4-pound line with a smooth and Straight line presentation 's. Allows you to do all of the auger round Gap greatly increasing your hook sets this season fishes! Accessories Minn Kota... AFTCO/American fishing tackle Company Reaper Windproof 3-Layer Softshell Jacket walleyes, and! Rotating power Minnow™ ( RPM ) brings anglers several new unique features to a proven bait category double-duty or... The industry flighting with twin serrated stainless steel Lazer Blades light up your ice angling season... When anglers are on the ice Armor™ by Clam Ascent™ Float Parka has proven as... Days vs. hours tie it all together in place, while the Series ' two casting best ice fishing gear 2020 feature new EVA... Spool button with Deadman safety Switch as well 1/4 oz. eyelet that swivels minimize! S 10th annual photo contest, flat finish Lined hand Warming PocketsZip-to-Hip side •. To 7 degrees, strength and longevity First Ice™ rod has a ton of attitude in its tungsten... As a safe, breathable Float garment, weighing only 18lbs is versatile just! Light out to conveniently store gear in here and tie the cord to your waist to keep cold...

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